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All MAX buses are now equipped with bike racks.  The bike racks are located on the front bumper of the bus and are capable of accommodating two bikes at a time.  No additional fare is required.  The bike racks are available to all MAX passengers (except on BART Express route) on a first-come, first-served basis.
Click on brochure for printable instructions for loading your bike on a MAX bike rack. MAX Bike-N-Bus

  1. Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  No bikes will be allowed inside buses.

  2. Riders are responsible for loading, securing and unloading their bikes in a safe and timely manner.  First bike placed on rack must be in slot nearest to the bus.  For more information pick up our Bike-N-Bus brochure.

  3. No motorized bikes will be allowed.

  4. Bike trailers are not permitted on bike racks or inside buses

  5. Riders must secure their bikes in the bike racks.  Support arms are provided and must be used to hold the bike in place during travel.  No other devices may be used to secure bikes to rack.  Bikes which cannot be secured to the driver's satisfaction shall be removed.

  6. MAX may at any time alter the rules and conditions of the Bike-n-Bus program.

  7. At the discretion of MAX personnel, passengers not adhering to these regulations may be refused service.

  8. Riders who cannot secure their bikes on the rack within 30 seconds shall remove their bike from the bus.  Bike loading must not delay the bus on its schedule.


Bike racks are provided as a convenience to bus riders.  MAX, the City of Modesto, and the bus operations contractor are not responsible for: the theft or loss of bikes; damages incurred to bikes while on the transit system or at a bus stop; damages to bikes during loading or unloading; or injury to the rider during loading or unloading a bike.

Riders will be responsible for any damages or injuries to third parties caused by the rider or bike while loading or unloading the bike, or failing to secure the bike on the rack correctly.




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