Bus Stop Improvement Plan

The development of a Bus Stop Improvement Plan for the Modesto Area Express (MAX) transit system is essential in establishing a consistent and transparent plan for bus stop amenity placement. The plan provides a roadmap for achieving a network of stops that enhances MAX’s customer experience by improving the comfort, safety, and accessibility of stops throughout the entire system. Bus stop amenities include benches, trash cans and shelters.

The Bus Stop Improvement Plan lists each of the bus stops in the system showing the current amenities at each stop. Each stop was given a priority to receive new amenities. The priority for specific bus stop amenities was based on an analysis of recent ridership statistics and an extensive review of existing conditions. For example, bus stops with high ridership were given a high priority if there was space to install a bench or shelter.

On June 26, 2018, the Modesto City Council approved this Bus Stop Improvement Plan.

MAX Modesto bus on an urban street