What is the Dial-A-Ride program?

In addition to Modesto Area Express (MAX), the City of Modesto provides a specialized transportation service seven days a week, every day of the year, for persons with disabilities, and people 65 and older. The general public may also ride at specific times. For additional information or an application, please call 209-527-4900. The Dial-A-Ride Consumer Guide (PDF) gives you detailed information about Dial-A-Ride.

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1. How do I become a Certified rider for the Modesto Dial-A-Ride program?
2. Who may I contact with questions about the Dial-A-Ride program?
3. What is the Dial-A-Ride program?
4. What are the hours of operation for the Dial-A-Ride service?
5. What are the fares for the Dial-A-Ride program?