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1. How may I find contact information for the Modesto Area Express (MAX) departments and services?
2. What hours may I contact a Modesto Area Express (MAX) staff member for information?
3. What are the hours of operation?
4. How do I catch a Modesto Area Express (MAX) bus?
5. Are there certain seats for seniors or disabled persons?
6. How may I bring my bike while riding the bus?
7. How may I ride the bus with my wheelchair?
8. How do I board the bus?
9. How do I exit the bus?
10. Does Modesto Area Express (MAX) provide access to train station or the BART station?
11. What is the passenger conduct policy?
12. May I bring bulky items on the bus?
13. Is there evening and Sunday service on Modesto Area Dial-a-Ride?
14. Do you offer trip planning services?
15. Where do I find bus schedules?
16. Do you have a non-discrimination policy?
17. Where may I find bus system changes?